Toroi Komamura
Toroi is investigating
Race wolf-man
Age crusty
Gender Male
Height 213.36 cm
Weight 453.592 kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Wolf Detective Agency
Previous Affiliation Soul Society, Wolf-clan
Occupation Detective
Primary Skills
First Appearance
Toroi Komamura (駒村とろい Komamura Toroi) is the half-brother of former Gotei 13 captain Sajin Komamura. He was exiled by their grandfather when he was younger and currently resides in The World of the Living as a detective.


Toroi is seen as being the spitting image of his half-brother, the main difference being that he typically wears a brown explorers' cap with a brown suit. Some have compared his appearance to that of Indiana Jones.


Toroi possesses what many consider to be a "winning" personality. He possesses extreme confidence in his abilities as both a detective and an exiled Shinigami.

A quirk in his personality is his fondness for food-based puns, a trait which he claims factored intensely into his grandfather's decision to exile him from Soul Society.


Round and firm. Oh, you mean the story? Nah.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hakuda Expert: Toroi's skill in Hakuda is said to rival that of a captain-level Shinigami. A single punch against the wall of the Wolf Clan's cave was enough to bring the entire cave system crashing to the ground, as if the cave itself were a pile of Legos being destroyed by a child's cruel sibling.

Shunpo Expert: His most dangerous ability is his mastery of Shunpo. Having learned the skill from his ancestor Hiryu Komamura, the co-creator of movement, his speed has been calculated as being faster than light. Light itself has been seen as despairing at the thought of matching his movement speed.

Keen Intellect: Toroi was viewed as being a Shinigami prodigy far surpassing previous prodigies such as Toshiro Hitsugaya and Gin Ichimaru. He has the distinct ability to figure out crimes well before they have even been committed.


ריזאַנינג (推論, rizoning, Yiddish for "Reasoning"): Toroi's Zanpakuto takes the form of a whip.

  • Shikai special ability: Its release command is "Food Fight!" (食品の戦い, Shokuhin no tatakai). ריזאַנינג does not change form upon release. Its ability allows Toroi to completely understand anything it touches. This ability allows him to perceive motives and crimes at a level unseen amongst the world of man.
  • Bankai: פילאָסאָפיקאַל ריזאַנינג (哲学的推論, filisafiku rizoning, Yiddish for "Philosophic Reasoning"): Toroi's Bankai allows him to comprehend abstract concepts regarding every cell of every molecule of anything he touches. His ability to comprehend timelines and outcomes surpasses any known form of precognition. The Quincy king Yhwach has been noted as saying that he created his "The Almighty" ability in a feeble attempt to duplicate Toroi's Bankai.

Trivia Edit

  • Although Toroi shares many similarities with Dex Dogtective from Foodfight! No one in their right mind would rip off that turd, so Toroi is CLEARLY ORIGINAL!