The Lone Cuban
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Race Human
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Justice
Previous Occupation Revenge
Base of Operations Hueco Mundo
Primary Skills
First Appearance
The Lone Cuban ( ザ・ローン・キューバン , Za Roon Kyuuban) is a vigilante that roams through Hueco Mundo following the fall of Swaggy Y.H. He rides an invisible horse named Mr. Truffles throughout the wastelands of Hueco Mundo and Los Noches.

Appearance Edit

The Lone Cuban appears to be in his early to mid 20s. He wears big cowboy boots and a leather jacket and short leather booty shorts. He also is unshaven and surrounds himself with plushies, striking fear into all evil doers.

Personality Edit

The Lone Cuban is a cold silent killer who will do anything for the name of justice. His commitment to law and order rivals that of the late Kaname Tosen.

Plot Edit


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Powers & Abilities Edit

Shapeshifting Master:

The Lone Cuban can switch to any form at will, but he has three primary forms that differ from his base forms.

Fjord Fury (フジオルド・フュリー, fujiorudo fyurii)

The Lone Cuban's appearance changes and he gains a blue sparkly dress, blond braided hair and voice changes to that of a middle aged Jewish woman. Has power to control ice and snow. His ice and snow powers are said to rival that of Captains Kuchiki and Hitsugaya.

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Let it Go (レット・イット・ゴー, retto itto goo): Is the signature technique of Fjord Fury. It creates a giant wall of sound that collapses the very fabric of existence.

Gypsy (ジップスィー, jippusii)

The Lone Cuban's appearance changes to an ethnically ambiguous woman who may or may not have a resemblance to actress Demi Moore. In this form, the Lone Cuban gains great flexibility and can fit into any space imaginable, even a corn muffin.

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Topsy Turvy(トップスィー・ターヴィー, toppusii taavii ): While in Gypsy, The lone Cuban can summon a magical tambourine that controls all sense of direction and reality.

Arabian Knight (アーエイビーアン・ナイト, aaeibiian naito )

The Lone Cuban's skin becomes tanned and toned. Mr. Truffles becomes visible and has the appearance of a small monkey.

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A Whole New World (ア・ホール・ニュー・ワールド, a hooru nyuu waarudo ): The Lone Cuban fuses with Mr. Truffles and with their combined powers they can create an infinite number of realities and can replace the current reality with any reality of their choosing.

Trivia Edit

This may or not be a birthday present.