Race Hero
Gender Male
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Scrungles is an ancient island beast that relates to the world of Bleach somehow.


Scrungles possesses a majestic blue-and-white form, with a cat-like head. His hands are not attached to his arms and float in place. His right hand is shaped like a small traffic cone, while his left hand is massive and is the location of his eyes, which are in place along his knuckles. Despite having no eyes on his head, he wears a large pair of glasses. He has a growth on his back resembling a pair of red sneakers. He has a blue beak.


Scrungles' animal-like behavior belies his incredible wisdom on multiple subjects. If one listens closely they may realize that he bears the persona of a worldly individual--a modern-day Aristotle, if you will. The size of his glasses reflects this fact.

He enjoys playing nonsensical games such as skipping on top of the water, punching bricks, and playing fire volleyball with diaper-wearing demons. It is believed that he performs these tasks to stimulate his brain.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Incredible Speed: Scrungles possesses mind-boggling speed, capable of sprinting great distances without warning. The greatest Shunpo experts have spent years studying his movements, trying desperately to figure out how he can possibly reach such speeds. This speed also allows him to skip across the water upon gaining enough momentum. This speed also allows him to spin around in place with enough force to knock other creatures off of platforms.

Immense Strength: Scrungles possesses strength enough that he can punch boulders to pieces, a feat that certain zombie-killing soldiers have adapted for their own use. He is also strong enough that he can punch fireballs with a flick of the wrist.

Fire Immunity: Scrungles is capable of punching away fireballs without suffering burns of any kind. He has also survived falls into lava without injury.


  • While Scrungles possesses the name and appearance of a monster that ProtonJon created during a charity livestream...well, I'll let you finish that sentence.