Queen of Hell Verse
Race Hellspawn
Gender Female
Height 7.62 cm
Weight 45359.24 kg
Blood Type none
Professional Status
Affiliation Your butt
Previous Affiliation Jesus
Occupation Yas Queen!
Previous Occupation Worker at Dairy Queen
Base of Operations Hell Verse
Primary Skills
First Appearance
Manga Seriously?
Queen of Hell Verse or Akila Cifer (アキラシファー Akira Shifā) is the Queen of the Hell Verse and mother of -13th Division Captain, Lina Shirosaki

Appearance Edit

Akila is a beautiful woman with pale white skin and raven black hair. She has a beautiful gown that is made of moonlight and stars. It has been said that she can force people to fall in love with her by just glancing at her.

Personality Edit

I'm just going to be blunt with this...Akila is a two-faced bitch! One moment she is a goddess and the next moment she will eat your goddamn face off while you are still screaming. Seriously STAY THE LITTERAL HELL AWAY FROM HER! OH GOD SHE'S COMING! OH GODDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!!

Plot Edit

Many years ago, the Soul King journeyed to map out all of the dimensions in the universe and eventually stumbled upon the Hell Verse, the Soul Society of Hell. He requested a meeting with the Queen and was astonished by her beauty. 
Pretty Queen

So Majestic!

 They immediately did the nasty and soon they had a daughter whom they named Lina.
Lina is born

Lina is born.

Trivia Edit

The queen is based on a totally original art design from the author and isn't a fanart of a female version of Ulquiorra Cifer that the author stole from DeviantArt, because she doesn't have any artistic talent whatsoever so has to steal from actual artists.