Race Arrancar
Age Has one, yes
Gender Girl
Height Uh-huh
Weight I'm a dude writing this
Blood Type Sure
Professional Status
Affiliation Disney
Occupation Rebel
Epithet "M" - "The Memequeen"
Team Big Hero 6
Base of Operations Lleh
Primary Skills
Spirit Weapon Reishi Saber
Signature Skill Shoving Solos off Bridges
First Appearance

Nelemur (ネレム, Neremu) is an Arrancar who possesses Quincy abilities, but is different in every superior way to other such beings. She bears the epithet "M" - "The Memequeen".


Nelemur bears the appearance of a human girl of average height an build with light-colored hair. She is most frequently seen wearing shirts bearing images from anime or Disney franchises.


Nelemur's most apparent character trait is her idolizing of Nelliel Tu Odelschwank. This idolizing is apparent in nearly everything she does, right down to legally changing her name to reference her idol. Outside of Nel, she also possesses affections towards dogs, anime, and assorted Disney movies not named "Brave". She holds particular fondness for the 2014 hit "Stuck in Place due to an Excess of Cold", highlighted by the breakout song "Release it from Your Possession".

She also possesses an admiration of bad fanfiction, and has taken to writing examples alongside Smefanegan. Many of these works revolve around the notorious Detergent movie, Underworld Line.


Yeah, not even gonna bother explaining this time.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

The Memequeen (ミーム・クイーン (ダンク・エンプレス), Za Mimukuin, Japanese for "Dank Empress" ): Nelemur, like the other members of the Unholy Meme Coalition, possesses an almost universal control over internet memes, in particular those of the dank variety. It is said that she is the source of the meme power that fuels Smefanegan and Scrungallon's abilities. The memes she produces tend to break the sound barrier upon activating, as even sound itself trembles before the might of the dank.

Expert Swordsman: skilled in the art of fencing (believed by some to be the creator of the art), Nelemur possesses near-unmatched abilities with a blade. Her swordsmanship abilities make certain silver-haired pacifists soil themselves at the thought of facing them.

Spirit WeaponEdit

Nudistobeach (ヌーディストビーチ (私はこのことをとても残念だ), Nudistobichi, Japanese for "I Am So Sorry About This"): Nelemurs' Spirit Weapon takes the form of a blade of light resembling a Seele Schneider but possessing far greater destructive capabilities. One swing of this blade is enough to knock fan-favorite characters off of bridges, while leaving the question open of who shot first.


  • Again, totally original concept and not an actual person ok pls don't sue me they do bad things to people like me in prison