Lina Shirosaki
Lina ready for action
Race Xenomorph
Birthday April 1
Age 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
Gender female
Height 2194.56 cm
Weight 0 kg
Blood Type BlackDiamond
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society
Previous Affiliation Your Mama
Position Captain of -13th Division
Previous Position Downward Dog
Division Negative 13th
Previous Division :$
Partner FutureQuincy
Base of Operations Xilinoc's wiki
Personal Status
Relatives Queen of Hell Verse (mother)
   Soul King (Father)
   Sosuke Aizen (Nephew)
Shikai Rengi
Bankai Yamatoto
Quincy: Vollständig Picklefarts
Fullbring EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!IS!!!!!!!AWESOME!!!!!!
First Appearance
Manga never
Anime the future
Video Game ?
Japanese Mr. Miagi
English Fran Drescher

Lina Shirosaki (リナ城崎 Shirosaki Rina) is a half visored, quarter Shinigami and quarter arrancar hybrid. She is the Captain-Commander of the secret -13th Division.

Appearance Edit

Lina is incredibly youthful despite her extreme age. He has heterochroma and has green and blue eyes. She also has midlength white hair. She wears a sleeveless shihakushō.

Personality Edit

Lina tends to have a very calm disposition, probably because she constantly suffers random blood loss. Her love of Tacos is due to her nephew Sosuke Aizen buying a taco truck after getting out of Muken for good behavior...he actually broke out..not really....farts.

Plot Edit

Baby Lina

A newborn Lina

Lina is the secret love child of the Soul King and the Hell Verse's Queen. With her great power she can easily move between dimensions without even thinking about it. Due to her profound abilities, she was tasked by the Royal Guard to create a division that outranked even the Royal Guard itself. This shadow organization became known as the -13th Division.
-13th small insignia

-13th insignia designed by Lina.

The division is made up of only Lina herself but calls it a division to strike fear to all who oppose her. The shadow division was chosen to confront Sosuke Aizen and his army of arrancars. Lina single handily defeated all of Hueco Mundo, she defeated them so bad that Aizen went back in time to warn himself against using these arrancar and developed super arrancar known as Espada.

The Darkworld ArcEdit

IMG 2681

Chun Shiba, smiling like an idiot

Lina embarks on a mission to Hueco Mundo with Chun Shiba, the bastard son of Kaien Shiba and Jushiro Ukitake (Don't ask). Lina, being an all powerful being, is annoyed with Shiba's company and does everything in her power to ditch him. Despite being totally awesome, Lina fails again and again and just decides to give up. The pair become very close, like kinky close, but but not full tentacle close, because that is sick and so cliché. The two are like the best lovers ever and any other Bleach pairing can scratch! One day Chun is kidnapped by PePe Waccabrada and Lina journeys to the mysterious dark world using her resureccion.

Once arrived in the Dark World, which is basically the hax version of Tosen's Bankai, Lina is confronted by Mask De Masculine and James but she quickly shot them through time, reality and space because Lina don't have time for that.

IMG 2685

Lina arrives at the castle

Lina arrived at the magic bounce castle and defeated the creepy clowns that surrounded the "love" dungeon. Lina eventually confronts PePe but before she could reach him, she was stopped by his lover, Dr. Frank-N-Furter, who revealed it was his plan to kidnap Chun. Through tons of monologuing, he revealed his intent for the three of them to become the ultimate sexual transient being.
IMG 3029

Chun captured😱

Lina responded with a "AH HELL NO!" And releases a powerful Cero of Nazareth upon her enemies.

IMG 3040


She then banishes Frank-N-Furter and PePe to an unknown dimension through a magical wardrobe. Lina unties Chun and for some reason she decides to take off all her clothes, despite no practical reason for doing so. Her and Chun run naked through the deflating bounce castle, which was collapsing due to Frank-N-Furter's Transylvanian influence and power no longer stabilizing it. In slow-motion matrix style they escape. They soon being to laugh and suddenly Lina kisses Chun declaring her love and Careless Whisper plays (RIP George Michael)
IMG 3045

True love


Powers & Abilities Edit

Resureccion: Trampa Del Unicornio (Trap of the Unicorn)

Lina grows a single horn from her forehead and can shoot rainbows that cut through dimensions.

IMG 2594

Lina unleashes a rainbow blast.

Segunda Etapa: Arco Iris Brillante (Rainbow Bright)

Lina can bring all universes under her will by releasing neon colors.

Lina segunda

Lina in her Segunda Etapa form.

Cero of Nazareth: Cero capable of piercing dimensions 1 through 10.
Cero of Nazareth

Lina cuts through dimensions 1-10 using Cero of Nazareth.


Rengi Zanpakuto Spirit

Rengi appears to Lina after she is injured eating a potato.

Rengi: its release command is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Upon releaseRengi turns Lina bad, so bad, shamoe! This forces the whole world to answer the question of, 'Who's bad?', the answer of which is always Lina herself.

Lina bankai

Lina unleashes her Bankai, Yamatoto

Bankai: Yamatoto. When activated, Lina gains a special shoe. Her Zanpakuto transforms into her fishy friend, Mr. Popper. The shoe makes her a grandmaster of Hakuda, and the force of her kick can send a person into another plane of existence entirely. Mr. Popper is capable of firing a transdimensional Cero from his mouth.