The Anti-Stupidity Squad (反愚か者の分隊, Han orokamono no buntai), abbreviated as A.S.S., is a mercenary band hired by Chin. Formed by Futaba Sakura, its primary goal is disposing of the Neo Wandenreich.


Following the events of Persona 5, a bored Futaba Sakura is contacted by the master martial artist known as Chin. Annoyed by the Neo Wandenreich's fruitless attempts at defeating him, Chin asks Futaba to find allies to help deal with the ersatz Quincy group. Wanting to feel the thrill of being a Phantom Thief once more, Futaba agrees. After contacting, as she puts it, "four top tier badasses", Futaba and the group set out to defeat the Wandenreich and their strange tendency to rename themselves to avoid copyright fraud.


  • Futaba Sakura: the group's founder, a hacking prodigy and Phantom Thief. She contacts the other members via mobile phone, rarely leaving the confines of her room. She describes the arrangement as being "like Charlie's Angels, only I'm 200% cuter".
  • Solid Snake: humanity's greatest soldier and ardent fan of cardboard boxes. Snake joins the group due to FOXHOUND shutting down following "the great Konami war of 2016". The epitome of "gruff", Snake had spent his unemployment days teaching lessons on making one's voice as gravelly as his.
  • Mòrag Ladair: Special Inquisitor of the Empire of Mor Ardain, known and feared as the "Flamebringer". Alongside her partner Blade Brighid, Mòrag wields a pair of chain swords capable of igniting with flame. With the Ardainian Titan on its last legs, Mòrag joins Futaba's group as a way of earning extra funds, noting that it was either this or becoming a sushi chef. The latter endeavor failed after she set one fish on fire after it, in her own words, "looked at me tauntingly".
  • Gundham Tanaka: the Ultimate Breeder and self-proclaimed "Supreme Overlord of Ice". Believing himself to be some sort of dark wizard, Gundham speaks in an over-the-top matter befitting a cartoonish villain. Despite his eccentricities, he is a master animal breeder, and is accompanied by his four pet hamsters, the Four Dark Devas of Destruction. He joins the group out of a desire to destroy Swaggy Y.H., who he believes to be casting a hex on humanity with his "Lyrics of Eternal Damnation".
  • Ghost Rider: real name Robbie Reyes, a high-school age mechanic who was resurrected as a Spirit of Vengeance after being gunned down by drug runners. Possessing numerous supernatural powers, he drives a similarly empowered 1969 Dodge Charger (The Hell Charger) that serves as the source of his power. He joins the group to exterminate both Swaggy Y.H. and Nagito Komaeda, whose souls purportedly smell of "cheap tobacco and beef jerkey". His Hell Charger serves as the group's main mode of transportation.